Fargo-Moorhead’s First and Only Pedicab Service

When you’re in downtown Fargo or Moorhead, look for Broadway Rickshaw.

The first and only pedicab service in Fargo-Moorhead!

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Average Wait Less Than 10 Minutes in Downtown
Weekend Bar Hours * Bison Game Days
Private Parties

One Pedicab Seats Up to Six Passengers

Thanks to the magic of the most technologically advanced vehicle to date – the pedicab – you never again have to wear out your legs walking around Fargo or Moorhead. Simply wave down one of our friendly, professional pedicab drivers, or give us a call to pick you up. Your driver will whisk you away in comfort and style, gracefully pedaling you wherever you’d like to go. (Within reason… we won’t bring you to Grand Forks!)

Founded in 2021, Broadway Rickshaw set out to provide first class, short-distance transport along Fargo’s historic Broadway Avenue. Our courtesy, convenience, and calf muscles made it a speedy success. We have since expanded our pedal-powered coverage well beyond downtown Fargo. You will find our eco-friendly ride share gliding up and down the streets of Fargo and Moorhead during weekend bar hours and Bison game days.

Special Events & Tours

Broadway Rickshaw offers private transpo-tainment for special events including bridal parties, weddings, proms, birthdays and anniversaries. Multiply the fun of your special occasion with our unique brand of good times and convenience!

Also available is the Red River Cruise, a 30, 60, or 90 minute jaunt along Fargo-Moorhead’s waterfront.  It’s a great way to kick back, relax, turn up your favorite tunes, enjoy the sights, and discover our cities’ neat landmarks such as Island Park, the Hjemkomst Center, and the same scenic avenue we’re proudly named after.

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